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Helping you achieve peak health and vitality through fitness and balanced nutrition.



Are you tired of not seeing results from

boring, repetitive workouts?


We take a fun, energetic approach to get

you fit and feeling your best!

Book a free fitness class on your journey to peak health

Book A Free Class

Your first class is always free.

No commitment, no pressure. 

Fitness classes will get you moving helping you achieve peak health

Get Moving

Classes will get you moving, helping

you stay active and healthy.

Fitness classes will help you feel your best and achieve peak health

Feel Your Best!

Start seeing a more confident,

happier, energetic you!

Nature's Intention fitness classes will help you get fit and feel your best.  Classes are taught by
Trish Marfione, who is a certified Fitness Professional with over 30 years of teaching experience.
  To fit your busy schedule you can take classes online via Zoom, on demand or in-person.

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In 2010, I started bi-weekly Stott Pilates classes with Trish, and I most recently added the Muscle Conditioning class. Whether a person is a beginner or more advanced, the instruction is seamless for people at all levels. Classes are never boring and Trish puts a lot of work into planning every class and changing up the exercises. Her energy and positivity keep me and many others coming back every week!

- Linda T.



Get personalized nutrition from Nature's Intention

No more guesswork, no more trial and error in your quest to get healthy. 


Simplify your path with a personalized journey to better nutrition. 

     Start seeing a healthier, happier          and more energetic you!

Online assesment to get your personalized nutrition plan

Take A Quick

It all starts with a few quick questions 

so we can build a Meology plan that is made uniquely for you.

Get your personalized nutrition plan to help achieve peak health

Get Your Personalized Plan 

Your personalized Meology plan supplements arrive at your door each month in convenient, daily-dose packs.

Your personalized nutrition plan will have all the nutrients you need to achieve peak health

Feel Your Best
And Thrive!

 Grab a pack and get on with your day. Your plan will provide the exact

nutrients your body needs to thrive.

As a proud Shaklee distributor Nature’s Intention has been helping people find balanced
nutrition for over 30 years. The Shaklee Meology plan is a great way to start your journey to better nutrition. It is made just for you - powered by 100 years of Shaklee research and experience, delivered right to your door in your own personalized daily-dose packs. Shaklee supplements and products are safe, proven and guaranteed.

Balanced Nutrition Through Meology
Personalized Nutrition To Achieve Peak Health


I had no idea that the journey would be so impactful. It began with a Prove It Challenge: Radically change the way you feel. The program began with a seven day cleanse. I lost eight pounds that week! My goal was to lose 10 so I made the most of the next seven weeks and developed some lasting habits and gradually took off a couple pounds a week. Six months later I am pleased with the clean eating lifestyle I’ve adopted. I have gradually incorporated Shaklee dietary supplements into my daily routine!

- Cindy S.

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